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Optimum circuit checker with high capacity of up to 4096 points, high speed and convenience
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Description :  The equipment inspecting short circuit and miswiring of wire harness




  Key Technologies :

      1. Capacity : Ability to inspection with various capacities up to 4096 points

      2. Speed : Fast inspection time(1.2sec / 256P ~ 3 sec / 2046P)

      3. Preservability : Automatic saving of test results (log file support)

      4. Modify : Quick and convenient response to product design changes

      5. convenience : Easy to replace circuit board due to moduled design

  Specification :

Input Power             AC 220V 50~60Hz 

SIZE(mm)                 380L x 320W x 170H

Weight                     7.6kg 

Check Point             256p~4096p


UNICORETECH develops the software according to every customer's requirements.

 Description : Equipped with LEDs on test jig for circuit inspection and controlling the lighting with LED controller

                          to display circuit test results

●  Main Function : ON / OFF display of LED according to circuit inspection result in conjunction with circuit inspection software

  Key Technologies :

      1. Visibility : Obtain visibility of NG parts (LED lights on corresponding JIG)

      2. ConvenienceEasily find faulty parts

      3. Productivity : Shortening the time to check for defective parts (increase productivity)

Specification :

Input Power                   DC 12V 10A  adapter

SIZE(mm)                       290L x 200W x 68H 

Weight                           1.4 kg

Check Point                    196 P